Top 9 attractive technology products of Apple

The famous American technology corporation, Apple, has many interesting technology products. Find out right away 9 attractive technology products of Apple below.

Apple is a big fish in the ‘technology’ lake. Referring to Apple products, people may immediately think of iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. Each of Apple’s technology products has unique features and a futuristic appearance. Moreover, Apple has many interesting technology products as well. Let’s find out right away the most detailed information about 9 Apple technology products!

iMac G3 (1998)

It is an All-in-one computer model produced in 1998 by Apple. This design had a very strange appearance at the time. The matte plastic cover makes it possible to see some of the components inside the screen and has a small opening for a USB connection. G3 includes many different colors representing the color of the fruit. Examples include red for strawberries, yellow for lemons, and other fruit colors like oranges, grapes, and blueberries.

The sophisticated and eye-catching design of the Power Mac G4 Cube makes many people excited.

Power Mac G4 Cube (2000)

Anyone who looks at the Power Mac G4 Cube for the first time will not know it is a computer. The entire compact square body is wrapped in Polycarbonate plastic, which looks very eye-catching and luxurious. This machine shows a minimalist style as well as completely different from the computer world.

If the Power Mac G4 Cube is still in production now, it will certainly become a trendy and sought-after product. It is considered by everyone as a product with the appearance of the future.

iPod (2001)

iPod was the first MP3 player that could hold 1000 songs inside. This music player created a craze at that time when users had to struggle with bulky CD players before.

Apple now has a funny ad that is ‘1000 songs in your pocket’ because the iPod’s design is very compact to pocket, easy to carry.  The iPod has a very sleek, minimalist, and beautiful white color.

iPhone (2007)

It can be said that the iPhone is the most special product in the history of Apple’s development. First launched in 2007, the iPhone quickly caused fever because it was a device that only needed to be touched and swiped to use. That is also the first phone to promote multi-touch as a premise for other manufacturers to make smartphones later.

iPhone 5 is considered the most impressive iPhone line that Apple designed.

MacBook Air (2008)

The best moment was when Steve Jobs took a thin notebook out of a compact package. It surprised the whole world because this is the world’s thinnest notebook – MacBook Air. And the MacBook Air itself is also the pioneering unibody design product for later MacBook generations. Not only because of its thinness, the MacBook Air at that time also dropped the optical drive, which Apple thought would be obsolete later, unnecessary.

iPad (2010)

iPad was first released in 2010. It is a product that fills the gap between smartphone and laptop, also in a unibody design. It was the most successful tablet product ever, and to this day the iPad has no competition. And just mentioning ‘Tablet’ people think of the iPad.

Apple Watch (2014)

When it first came out, people thought the Apple Watch was a ‘baby toy’. But it wasn’t long before the Apple Watch became the most personalized device that iPhone owners wanted to own.

Not only a watch, but it is also a health monitoring device, tracking exercise, receiving notifications from iPhone. Or even a piece of jewelry for many people.

Apple Watch is divided into three lines: Apple Watch Sport (aluminum), Apple Watch (steel), and Apple Watch Edition. The first edition was sold in 2015 made of 18K gold around the bezel with prices starting at $10,000. Later, on Series 2 and 3, Apple brought ceramic materials for processing. The material is 4 times stronger and stronger than the steel version and the finish is excellent.

MacBook Pro (2016)

Since 2016, the MacBook Pro is still unibody, but it is thinner and more compact despite the same screen size. Up to now, Apple has continued to keep the MacBook Pro design unchanged because it’s too beautiful, the hardware finishing is great. The next highlight is the Touch Bar strip replacing the old Function key row, which looks very modern.

MacBook Pro is a great technology product from Apple.

AirPods (2016)

As always, the first Apple product launched is always made fun of. For example, the Apple AirPods, at the time of its launch, was the world’s weirdest headset design. But three years have passed, AirPods have been an aesthetic phenomenon, everyone wears AirPods. It is because of its comfort and convenience.

The above technology products of Apple have become famous and popular all over the world. Apple already has incredibly talented product designers like Steve Job or Jony Ive.

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