Modern technologies should be applied to hotels

Upgrading technological elements in the hotel business is a way to enhance the customer experience. So what modern technology do we need to apply to the hotel?

Technology is indispensable in human life. Therefore, in order for the hotel to do well, we must apply many modern technologies. This not only helps the hotel attract and maintain customer satisfaction. Hotels must be the place to catch the fastest technology trends. Therefore, even if the hotel has been in business for a long time and has a stable customer base, it should also update the technology factors. Doing so will increase competitiveness in the market. In this article, we will share with you the modern technologies that a good hotel should have.

Create your own hotel app

Nowadays smartphones and the applications on them are very popular. Many people use it and find it convenient. You can create an application specifically for customers who come to your hotel.

Through the app, guests can make reservations, access personal information, and view the room they’ve booked. And update promotional information or call the hotel directly through the “click to call” function.

The application also includes a check-in feature, which is both convenient for guests and helps the hotel better manage personnel. Knowing your arrival time in advance will help the hotel allocate staff to pick you up. It also helps to offer the most suitable offers/additional services for each person. 

One thing is especially useful if this is a new guest, using the service at the hotel for the first time. There will be a very complete user guide on the app.

Guests can also check-out themselves without having to go through the front desk. Or arrange your own transportation from the hotel to the airport, etc. All through a single mobile app.

Accelerating the development of the Internet of Things

Nowadays, people own and use too many technological devices. And of course guests will also use it inside the hotel.

Hotels need to strengthen the internet system covering the entire hotel. Ensure that all guests can connect to the internet anywhere in the hotel. This doesn’t just support the customer’s work. It is also a bridge between hotel staff and customers. Aim to respond to all customer requirements in a timely manner.

Lighting and air-conditioning systems, when intelligent, will also be easier to control. It is possible to control the temperature or light according to the needs of the user.

More and more hotel businesses are deploying the application of smart energy management solutions. With the desire to meet the eco-friendly needs of today’s tourists. Smart technology can help save costs up to 20%. But it still ensures not to affect the customer experience.

Face recognition technology and fingerprint confirmation

Today’s smartphones also have facial and fingerprint recognition technology. It ensures high privacy and safety for users. It is very time saving.

In the hotel context, the use of this technology makes everything more convenient for guests. It will greatly shorten the check-in/check-out time. Allows guests to open the door of the room and access other facilities at the hotel quickly and instantly. Customers do not need to use magnetic cards or phone applications.

The system also stores guest preferences, the most useful and fastest way to identify past guests.

Sensor technology in hotels

There are many sensor technologies available today such as light sensor technology and thermal sensor technology. The use of sensor technology will reveal a more modern hotel environment.

It helps the electrical system to turn on / off reasonably depending on the light and dark of the environment. Helping the hotel maximize the ability to save electricity in the use of lights in gardens, walkways… With light sensor technology, it helps to minimize forgetting to turn on lights or electrical appliances. Ensure safety during use.

Hotels will save electricity by heat-sensing technologies that will automatically adjust the room temperature when it’s empty or stop cooling when it’s not needed. Guests can also adjust the temperature in the hotel room to suit mobile devices.

Above are the technologies that should be applied in the hotel to increase professionalism and attract customers effectively in business. Hotels should consider and choose modern technologies that are suitable for their size and budget. Technology has huge support in their business process. Besides the application of smart technologies in the hotel. Investors also need to pay attention to improving the service quality for the hotel to retain customers.

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