Healthcare tech startups: who are on the front of modern healthcare?

As people increasingly care about their health, healthcare becomes the most dynamic sector in technology. Which companies are the leaders when it comes to modern healthcare?

The Healthcare sector has seen a rise of companies and startups who are applying the technology advances into healthcare. With the help of digital information, these companies are creating great healthcare tech that benefits patients.

The aging population, rising healthcare demand of patients, along with the abnormal increase in diseases and fierce competition in the healthcare sector are boosting innovation in the healthcare sector while lowering healthcare costs. Advances in healthcare technology are achieved based on several different factors, including blockchain, artificial intelligence and data analysis. By taking advantage of all these factors, the following healthcare tech providers see themselves at the forefront of the modern healthcare industry.


Headspace is currently the most noticeable name in the modern healthcare sector. The company provides solutions to practice and incorporate into our everyday life. Since it is founded in 2010, it has more than 20 million users who are taking advantage of Headspace to cope with some psychological issues such as anxiety, stress, sleeping problems,…The Headspace application provides hundred guided meditations that are updated on a daily basis and vary by length to suit users’ different schedules.


Medely is founded to provide healthcare professionals, including nurses, technicians,… access to on-demand work. Additional on-demand work that is aside from their current career will help to support their current jobs while earning them some money. Healthcare professionals when joining the Medely platform are allowed to set their own schedules and then find shifts at hospitals or healthcare facilities that suit their profession most. Besides automatic earning deposits, travel assignment is available, allowing healthcare workers to travel while working to help patients’ lives.


Wellframe provides a user-friendly smartphone app that will connect doctors with patients. The aim is to provide access to important medical information and reminders to make sure that patients are following their treatment strictly. Some interesting features include appointments, medication reminders, personalized instruction and real-time check-ins. All these features are facilitated with resources, data and additional tools developed by Wellframe.


Kyruus is a platform provided to healthcare providers such as hospitals, healthcare systems, medical groups and healthcare planners for better data and product management. Apart from intuitive provider search, the platform allows healthcare organizations to schedule, make health plans and manage healthcare data. Add to that, this platform helps these healthcare organizations to get more patients by giving advice where patients can undergo medical treatment. By providing patient access, Kryuus will help to improve patient experience – what healthcare organizations are seeking a way to improve due to fierce competition in the healthcare sector.


ESO develops software to provide to different organizations in the healthcare sector, including healthcare professionals and even emergency service providers. The company’s goal is to make an improvement to patient outcomes by making their data accessible to healthcare organizations. Also, the platform takes further step to analyze, schedule, manage assets, bill and provide additional data capacities to all healthcare teams.


Paige mainly focuses on oncology and AI to develop an ecosystem that aims to facilitate the discovery and treatment of cancer. Cancer has become a crucial concern in modern society. The global cancer burden is no doubt real because of serious environmental pollution and bad lifestyles. The Paige AI suit is made for pathologists, clinicians and researchers to accelerate cancer treatment with insights drawn from data diagnosed by cancer experts all over the world. Healthcare professionals now get access to computational pathology products, making it easier to diagnose and give patients treatment.


Doximity is considered a social media platform designed for healthcare professionals only. It is currently the largest U.S. network of healthcare professionals. More than 70% of U.S. doctors are 45% of all NPs are members of this network. This platform is where these healthcare professionals can share opinions on medical topics, update the latest news in their field and connect with each other. More than that, Doximity also develops an app that allows healthcare professionals to connect with their patients using call, text or video sessions without providing private phone numbers or emails.

It is undeniable that healthcare is currently the hottest field since people are paying more and more attention to health issues. By applying the advances in technology and big data, healthcare technology companies can provide the best healthcare services to patients while earning them huge profits.

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